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Healthy Lifestyle Scratch Off Poster

How to get healthy in 30 days, with our scratch-off poster

We have all been there, that moment we decide it’s time to make a change. Every year millions of people take the first steps towards a more healthy lifestyle, however, it’s not always as easy as stocking up on more vegetables and ordering less pizza.

It takes on average 28 days to form a habit, that’s why 30-day health challenges are the perfect way to get started. What could be even easier than that? A health poster with scratch-off daily tips and challenges to help you form your healthy lifestyle habits. 

Taking on a 30-day health challenge

To make a healthy lifestyle change, you really need daily inspiration. The reason for this is simple, the first 21-28 days are the hardest, and a recent poll by ‘OnePoll’ showed that on average, creating a new habit failed after only 18 days. 
The decision to get healthy is one that we make more than once per year, usually, it comes around as a new year’s resolution, and then again just before summer as you find yourself surrounded by those who took the beach body challenge more seriously. Then there is COVID, a massive 67% of people felt they needed to change their ways since the Pandemic struck, something that the majority felt was ‘next to impossible due to the lockdown.

One way to combat this is to take on a 30-day health challenge. By receiving daily tips and encouragement, you can focus on the small steps, treating each day as a victory. The great thing with our scratch-off posters is that every day there is something new, and you don’t know what that is, until the moment you scratch-off the panel. 
The action of scratching off a panel on our health poster is not only proven to help you stay focussed, but it also helps to keep you interested in the health challenge each and every day.

Get Healthy With Scratchify

Our health poster not only provides some guidance on how to live a healthier life but it also helps you plan your days in a way that allows you to make small but important improvements to everything from diet to exercise. 

Choosing to get healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, also means taking care of your mental health. By setting tasks that will challenge you to think about yourself, you will finish the 30-day health challenge with a healthier mind, body, and soul.

The founders of Scratchify wanted to create a get healthy challenge that would make a difference. By starting with the fundamental basics, and then filling the remaining days with fun, challenging but rewarding tasks, they have achieved a best-selling health poster that has already helped people of all ages.

5 Key Ingredients To A Healthy Lifestyle

1) A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is easier and more beneficial than a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet for most people to maintain. It should include lean sources of protein, plentiful amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables and limited quantities of processed foods, and added sugar

2) Regular Physical Activity
Any amount of physical activity is better than none, but the recommended about is 150 minutes per week (or two hours and 30 minutes) in at least 10-minute intervals. A pedometer is a great way to help monitor your physical activity levels and stay on target.

3) Maintaining a Regular Sleep Pattern
Believe it or not, sleep is probably one of the most important activities of the day, yet it is the one we most often sacrifice. Those who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to have weight issues and other health. The National Sleep Association recommends adults get 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

4) Stress Management
Stress will get in the way of your health and life goals. It can lead to emotional eating, poor sleep, and the adoption of more sedentary behaviors. In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle, you must be able to manage stress levels. Creating your own stress-management strategy is a great place to start.

5) Supplementation
Even some of the most balanced diets are filled with nutritional gaps. Consistently eating healthy food is the desired goal to help promote health, but food alone may not provide the total daily Recommended Dietary Allowances you need for sufficient nutrition. Nutritional supplements can be made with ingredients that assist with healthy aging, metabolism, weight management, stress management, sleep, and athletic performance.

Our 30-day health challenge is designed to touch on each of these subjects. This is perfect if you are trying to get healthy for the first time, or if you’re looking for a way to shake up your current health routine. 

Why The Scratchify 30-Day Health Challenge Is For You

In truth, this challenge is for everyone. No matter if you’re a health freak or looking for that bit of inspiration to just get started. In fact, our get healthy poster can even be bought as a gift, in case someone needs a nudge in the right direction. 
Our posters are made from rigid cardboard in A2 size. Meaning you can display it easily and when you’re done, it can be fully recycled. So you can do your bit for the environment too. 
We also have other challenges in the collection, including a 30-day work-out challenge and a 52-week money-saving challenge!

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