About Us

        Scratchify is made in 2020, we are based in Riga, Latvia and our main goal is to reach your goals!

We are young couple and our business idea was born in quarantine time, when most of people felt unmotivated and lazy. We wanted to start collecting money for our trip at the end of the year. We drew 52 boxes in notebook, each box representing 1 week and in the boxes we added numbers so the sum of 52 would be 1000€ - our goal! We thought that there should be more fun way of doing this... And then idea was born - Scratch Off Poster!

As first poster we released - SAVE 1000$, then we wanted to motivate people even more and idea for Morning Workout Scratch Off Poster came out. For a lot of people goal is to live healthier so we made Healthy Lifestyle Scratch Off Poster to reach your goals! Then Activites For Couples and Kamasutra Challenge Scratch Off Posters which are perfect way to spice up your daily routine! Quit Smoking scratch off poster to motivate people all around the world to stop smoking forever! And Activities for Kids Scratch off poster!

Currently we have 7 scratch off poster designs:

  • SAVE 1000$
  • Workout Challenge
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Activities For Couples
  • Quit Smoking
  • Kamasutra Challenge
  • Activities For Kids

    We are planning to release new designs soon to help you reach your goals! 

    Our products are made only with the best quality printing on one-sided gloss, laminated from one side with scratchable material.

    Our social media:

    Instagram: @MyScratchify

    Facebook:  @MyScratchify

    TikTok: @MyScratchify