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Morning Workout Scratch Off Poster

Let's face it: You don't always treat your body like a temple. That's OK! Those beers aren't going to drink themselves, and it's called a Netflix binge for a reason. But it's always good to have balance. Maybe you should join a gym, right? 
WRONG! So, so wrong. Instead of spending money on a gym membership, what you really need is a month-long fitness challenge -- something that tells you exactly what to do every single day, no equipment or gym required.
That's exactly what we've got for you. Our Gym-Free Morning Workout Challenge consists of 30 equipment-free workouts designed to hit all the strength, cardio, and flexibility zones needed for a tighter, healthier body. 
You'll do one workout a day to help develop a consistent habit, with most workouts lasting no more than 15minutes. Just scratch off a square each morning to reveal the day's workout and get to it. This element of surprise keeps you motivated and always looking forward to the next set of exercise. These are exercises which are included in our poster - 
                                   Squats                                   Sit ups                 
                      Plank                                                     Push-ups
                                  Lunges                                Mountain climbers
What you'll need
Not much! 10-15 spare minutes in your day, a yoga mat and some sports clothes. If you decide to use this as a warm-up to a more complete workout, you may need some additional equipment, but for the exercises, we show you, you only need the basics.
You can slow the exercises down to make them easier, speed them up to make them harder, or add dumbbells for an even greater challenge. Even intense or difficult exercises, like burpees and push-ups, have modifications so they're accessible for most fitness levels.
Really, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot, and a whole lot to gain. The 30-day no gym workout challenge is designed to condition you from head to toe, improving your strength and cardiovascular fitness while challenging your balance, coordination, and flexibility.
And you won't only see physical benefits from strength training — you’ll also score some pretty big mental perks as well. Research shows that strength training is associated with reductions in anxiety symptoms, improvements in cognition and self-esteem, and reduction in depression symptoms and improvement in sleep quality for adults with diagnosed depression.
Our clients have attested to feeling an increase in energy and feeling more positively about themselves after completing our 30-day workout challenge, often keeping the board and using it more than once.
ACSM recommends building entire training days exclusively for bodyweight exercises. Some of the benefits include:
  • increased program adherence and convenience
  • improved movement quality
  • increased body exercise awareness
  • diversity of exercises
  • decreased exercise costs
  • increased exercise enjoyment and satisfaction
  • easier for exercising during travel or while working long hours
We created our Scratchify 30-day home workout challenge to show you that starting with one new exercise daily is simple to learn, and can be easily modified to your fitness level.
Let's get started!
Our posters are made from rigid cardboard in A2 size. Meaning you can display it easily and when you’re done, it can be fully recycled. So you can do your bit for the environment too. 
We also have other challenges in the collection, including a 30-day work-out challenge and a 52-week money-saving challenge.
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